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03/12/2024: New Grabien features: Licensed video + BatchClipper & MyMedia upgrades
Dear Media Colleagues —
Today I'm excited to announce the latest round of Grabien updates & upgrades:
1) As part of our partnership with Getty Images & iStockPhoto, Grabien's PhotoBank now includes licensed video content. This includes... Read more...
08/03/2023: Grabien announces next batch of programming

Media Colleagues — 
Today we’re pleased to announce the latest round of programming now accessible for clipping:
— Sioux City, Iowa TV market 
— San Angelo, Texas TV market
— Sherman, Texas TV market 
— Tyler, Texas TV market
— The Dan... Read more...
07/13/2023: Grabien adds new batch of programming

Dear Media Colleagues — 
Grabien has recently added te ability to monitor programs that broadcast directly to platforms like YouTube & Rumble. We have since added the following programs to our NewsBase:
— “The Ben Shapiro Show” [video]
—... Read more...
06/12/2023: More Stations News Sources to Grabien

Media colleagues:
The following stations were recently added to Grabien’s lineup:
— CNN Español 
— KVRR-TV (Fox 15; Fargo, N.D.) 
— KFYR-TV (NBC/Fox 5; Bismarck, N.D.)
— KXMB-TV (CBS 12; Bismark, N.D.) 
— Gray Media’s Local News... Read more...
05/20/2023: New enterprise recordings

Media friends — 
Just a quick FYI about some new recordings added to our lineup: 
— The Hugh Hewitt Show [video]
— EWTN News Nightly 
— Yahoo! Finance 
— Fort Wayne, Ind. [market]
Have something you'd like to see added? Please get in... Read more...
05/05/2023: MyMedia Upgrade, New Stations

Media Colleagues — 
Three quick updates:
In your MyMedia page, you can now move/download multiple clips simultaneously. (To do so, click the “multiple selection mode” button on the upper left of your primary playlist, which then enables... Read more...
02/27/2023: Grabien Updates: New Feature, New Markets

Happy Monday, everyone —
Today’s we’re happy to announce the latest additions to our platform: 
On individual clip pages, you’ll now see a link going back to the original recording whence the clip originated. This can be helpful for... Read more...
12/09/2022: Grabien Adds Another Round of New TV Markets

Media Colleagues —
To celebrate Friday, Grabien is happen to announce the following cities’ newscasts are now available on our platform:
— Fort Smith, Ark.
— Peducah, Ky. 
— Charlotte, N.C.
— Columbia, S.C.
— Greenville, S.C.
—... Read more...
10/24/2022: Grabien Updates: New Features, New Shows, New Markets, New Countries!
Media Colleagues —
Happy Monday! To start your week off with some good news, today Grabien is announcing the following cities’ newscasts are now available on our platform:
— Huntsville, Ala.
— Colorado Springs, Colo. 
— Lexington, Ky.
—... Read more...
07/28/2022: 10 More Cities Added to Grabien's Media Monitoring

Media colleagues —

We’re excited to announce some new additions to our CityMonitor tool. The following cities’ news broadcasts are now accessible for live clipping, searching, as well as... Read more...
07/20/2022: Grabien Upgrades: New markets, LiveShare update

Media colleagues —

We’re excited to announce some new additions to our CityMonitor tool. The following cities’ news broadcasts are now accessible for live clipping, searching, as well as... Read more...
06/22/2022: Grabien News: Huge Addition of Local Markets, Platform Updates
Media colleagues —
Today we’re excited to announce the latest additions to our CityMonitor tool. The following cities’ news broadcasts are now accessible for live clipping, searching, as well as reviewing/clipping... Read more...
02/25/2022: Grabien Goes Global: Platform Now Operational in Multiple Languages
Media Colleagues —
Today we’re excited to announce the start of our next stage of development: International. We believe Grabien’s media production platform adds value not only here in the United States, but everywhere... Read more...
11/17/2021: Updates: Upgraded LiveClipper + New Local Markets

Hello, media colleagues —
Two quick platform updates:
Our LiveClipper has been upgraded so that clips can now be customized with exact precision. Whereas previously buffers were added to the front and back of each clip, to... Read more...
09/03/2021: Huge! Grabien Announces Release of New CityMonitor Tool
Media colleagues —
We’re absolutely amped to announce the latest addition to Grabien’s production suite, The CityMonitor, a feature under development for almost two years now.
Like the NewsMonitor, the... Read more...
04/23/2021: Introducing ... The Pub
A note from Grabien’s founder, Tom Elliott:
Today I'm excited, and proud, to announce the launch of The Pub, a news-oriented social network. The Pub adapts the model that's proven successful for Grabien, a B2B news-prep... Read more...
01/14/2021: Introducing: LiveShare!
Media colleagues —
Today we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of a major new addition to Grabien’s suite of production tools, LiveShare.
LiveShare is a unique live-streaming platform that enables broadcasters... Read more...
09/29/2020: Make Money with the #GrabienGoldenTicket
Just in time for tonight's debate, help us grow Grabien, and get paid. Like, legit paid.
If you have any friends, family, coworkers, bosses, interns, colleagues, ex-lovers, potential new bosses, potential new lovers — really... Read more...
04/24/2020: New Feature Friday: More Coverage, More Customizations, New Offer

Media Colleagues —
We’re excited to announce a few new things:
Grabien Enterprise clients have new options for customizing their accounts. On your ACCOUNT/OVERVIEW page, users can: add or remove logins on their account,... Read more...
03/27/2020: New Feature Friday: More Accurate Clipping, Text Reports, Clips Packs

Media colleagues —
First, we hope everyone is staying healthy and properly isolated, so that the flow of news will continue unimpeded.
Now, onto the latest round of updates:
New clipping tools. In response to... Read more...
02/14/2020: New Feature Friday: Better Gifs, SiriusXM, NewsLists

Media Colleagues —
We have a few new updates to announce:
Grabien’s gif creator has new options that make exporting gifs for social media much simpler (Twitter, for example, imposes a file size limit that... Read more...
02/07/2020: New Feature Friday: Syndicate Grabien News Posts, Make $$$

Hello Media Colleagues —
Three new features to announce today:
Online publishers can now syndicate any article appearing on Grabien News. Even better, these posts include an embedded ad, so that utilizing this content will... Read more...
01/10/2020: New Feature Friday: Audio —> Video

Happy New Year, media colleagues!
A couple of new features to announce:
— Grabien users can now convert audio files to video. This can be helpful for embedding clips in articles, and exporting clips to be uploaded to social... Read more...
12/06/2019: Introducing: The BatchClipper!
Media colleagues —
We're excited to announce the latest addition to Grabien's suite of video production tools: The BatchClipper.
If you work at a news outlet that creates montages and supercuts, your life is... Read more...
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