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06/24/2016: Introducing Grabien Enterprise!
This week we rolled out our highest tier account, Grabien Enterprise. These VIP-level accounts offer customizable options tailored around individual account holders’ needs.
Please note: Going forward, Grabien will... Read more...
03/29/2016: Exclusive! Scandal Scorecard: Who's More Corrupt, Hillary or Trump?
Donald Trump is running on a message of bringing a no-nonsense, cut-throat businessman's perspective to Washington, where he'll clean house and Make America Great Again. And it's no secret if he ends up being the... Read more...
03/21/2016: Introducing Grabien News!
Today we officially launched Grabien News, a free news site for consumers.
You might be wondering: Isn't Grabien already a news site? Well, not really.
Grabien was created to help the news industry operate more... Read more...
01/23/2016: Install Grabien's Brand-New iPhone App -- Get Paid!
Wouldn't it be great to scan the latest news, without all the added fluff from reporters? Just the actual, raw news itself? Grabien's brand-new app lets news junkies do exactly that.
Now you can watch the latest news clips --... Read more...
12/12/2015: Microsoft Phone Users: Get the Grabien App!
Grabien has just released a news app for Microsoft phone users. This app enables you to quickly scan and watch Grabien's latest news clips.
Download the app here. And let us know what you think.
And if you're an... Read more...
12/10/2015: Andoid Users: Get the Grabien App!
Grabien has just released a news app for Android users. This app enables you to quickly scan and watch Grabien's latest news clips.
Download the app here. And let us know what you think.
And if you're an iPhone... Read more...
09/04/2015: Interested in Barter?
To Grabien's radio colleagues:
We are creating a new payment system whereby stations/shows/networks can barter their advertising inventory for Grabien Gold accounts.
We are currently compiling a list of interested users. If you would... Read more...
08/06/2015: Watch Tonight's Debate, Create Clips -- Without Recording Anything
If you haven't already tried Grabien's LiveClipper, tonight's debate is a perfect opportunity.
Users will be able to tune into a live stream of the debate, follow a transcript scrolling in real time, and create clips -- simply... Read more...
07/28/2015: New Feature, New Promo Code, New Prices
Media colleagues:
After years in development, we’re finally ready to roll out our most exciting production tool to date: The LiveClipper. This revolutionary innovation enables Grabien users to tune into a live news event, monitor a... Read more...
07/03/2015: Happy Independence Day from Grabien (Free Promo!)
Media Friends —
Happy Independence Day from Grabien.
To help you celebrate, we’re giving everyone a free week of Grabien Gold, the VIP-grade status enabling unlimited use of the site — without audiomarks.
If... Read more...
04/03/2015: New Features: Web Clipper, Custom Watermarks
Announcing two new Grabien features:
WebClipper. If there's an online video you'd like to turn into a news clip, Grabien makes it easy. On the upload page, click the "add link" button, paste the URL of the Internet... Read more...
03/06/2015: Embed News Clips, Make Money
Happy Friday from Grabien.
We're very excited to announce a brand new feature.
If you work for a news site and are interested in:
A) Embedding news clips
B) Monetizing the views of said clips
Grabien has just launched a new... Read more...
11/28/2014: Grabien's Black Friday Promo
Looking to stock up on Grabien Coins at a huge discount?
Today's your lucky day. (And tomorrow, and Sunday.)
From today until midnight, Sunday, users will receive a 50 percent bonus with every purchase of Grabien coins.
Buy 1... Read more...
11/25/2014: Outsource your talk-radio show's sound production
Need another producer but can't afford one?
You're in luck.
Starting in December, Grabien will begin offering tailored production for talk-radio shows.
If your show could use some help gathering sound, Grabien staffers... Read more...
11/20/2014: Announcing ... HD TV Clips!
Need a TV clip?
As an existing user, you already know we’ve got you covered. There’s simply no easier way to grab made-to-order TV clips than through Grabien. (If you're a newbie, here's a how-to.)
But recently... Read more...
11/11/2014: Announcing ... GrabienSilver!
There are now three ways to purchase Grabien's news clips:
GrabienCoins: The best choice for occasional, piecemeal purchases. $10 buys 1,000 coins.
GrabienGold: The ultimate in VIP access. Gold accounts offer virtually... Read more...
10/14/2014: Happy 1st Birthday to Us (that means gifts for you!)
Today Grabien turns one year old. While still just a baby, we've already reached some impressive heights.
Like what, you ask?
To date Grabien's accumulated:
724 hours and 8 minutes worth of edited news clips
... Read more...
09/22/2014: New Feature & Changing Terms of Service
First, good news:
Grabien just unveiled its latest feature: a Gif creator. If you've ever wanted to know how to create those animated images you see all over the Internet (Buzzfeed, most conspicuously), Grabien has finally made it... Read more...
09/17/2014: New Demo Video: How To Use Grabien's Sound Packet Creator
For talk radio producers:
I just created a video showing how to use Grabien's new sound packet creator. It's a huge time saver.
Now, after selecting clips you'd like to use on your show, you can download a zipped folder... Read more...
09/10/2014: UPDATE: FDA Drops Demand Travelers Give Meds to TSA After Grabien Report
Exactly two weeks ago Grabien reported on a brand-new FDA advisory that warned travelers how to handle their pharmaceutical drugs while interacting with the Transportation Security Administration. Contrary to long-standing practice, the... Read more...
09/01/2014: Labor Day Special: Free Grabien VIP Account for 21 Days
If your post-summer work resolution is to ramp up your production output while somehow working less than ever, Grabien's got your back.
How can we help you achieve the impossible?
By simply letting you outsource the... Read more...
07/28/2014: Grabien Site Update: Payments System Enhanced
Today Grabien significantly enhanced its payments system. Upgrading accounts to GrabienGold is now super easy. After entering your credit card information just once, Gold accounts are automatically extended every month. (Of course, users... Read more...
07/17/2014: Welcome to Grabien 2.0
In the event you haven't noticed, this week Grabien upgraded in some very significant ways.
What’s changed? At first blush, perhaps not much. But here’s what’s new:
First and foremost: Speed. We’ve moved to... Read more...
04/02/2014: New Feature: Grabien Video Feed Widget
We've just completed an early version of a new feature: Widgets users can embed on their websites to feature an updating list of news clips.
There are two different styles. One looks like the center rotator on Grabien's... Read more...
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