Updates: Upgraded LiveClipper + New Local Markets


Hello, media colleagues —

Two quick platform updates:

  1. Our LiveClipper has been upgraded so that clips can now be customized with exact precision. Whereas previously buffers were added to the front and back of each clip, to ensure no words were inadvertently edited out, LiveClipper clips can now be edited to the thousandth of a second as well as reviewed before being processed, so as to ensure clips are delivered ready for air. 
  2. We’ve also added a number of new cities to our CityMonitor tool. Here’s a current list of the markets we’re now covering:

— Flagstaff, Ariz.

— Phoenix, Ariz. 

— Los Angeles, Calif.

— San Francisco, Calif.

— Santa Barbara, Calif.

— Washington, D.C.

— Fort Myers, Fla.

— Gainesville, Fla.

— Jacksonville, Fla.

— Miami, Fla. 

— Orlando, Fla. 

— Panama City, Fla. 

— Tallahassee, Fla.

— Tampa Bay, Fla. 

— West Palm Beach, Fla. 

— Atlanta, Ga.

— Chicago, Ill. 

— Boston, Mass.

— Detroit, Mich. 

— Minneapolis, Minn. 

— Manchester, N.H.

— Albuquerque, N.M.

— New York, N.Y.

— Cincinnati, Ohio

— Cleveland, Ohio

— Columbus, Ohio

— Dayton, Ohio

— Lima, Ohio

— Toledo, Ohio

— Youngston, Ohio

— Zanesville, Ohio

— Philadelphia, Pa.

— Austin, Texas

— Dallas, Texas

— Houston, Texas

— Norfolk, Va.

— Richmond, Va.

— Roanoke, Va. 

— Seattle, Wash.

— Milwaukee, Wisc.

Finally, what cities should we add next? Please contact us with any requests.

Happy clipping!