New Feature Friday: More Accurate Clipping, Text Reports, Clips Packs


Media colleagues —

First, we hope everyone is staying healthy and properly isolated, so that the flow of news will continue unimpeded. 

Now, onto the latest round of updates:

  1. New clipping tools. In response to client requests, we’ve updated our Clipper interface with a few new buttons. On the left and right side of the player, you’ll now see buttons to skip ahead in the recording, which will help more easily locate the content you’re looking for. When there’s a long recording and you’re trying to make a very precise edit, you can click the button that looks like an arrow pointing against a vertical line; that will play the last 3 seconds of the clip, so you can ensure it ends exactly as needed. 
  2. Broadcast reports. Now you can generate text-based reports from broadcast data. This can be helpful when, for example, you want to see how many times a guest appeared on a network, or verify the number of times a story was covered. To use this, go to the NewsBase, enter a search term, enter the date range and select networks, and click “Apply.” Then click the BatchClipper button, scroll to the bottom, and click “Extract transcripts.”

    (Later today we will update this tool so that it has its own button; we’ll also enable exporting these reports to .doc and.pdf files.) 
  3. Clips packs. If you have a PR account and order clips via our “clips packs,” you can now automatically re-up whenever your current pack runs out of credits. To do so, sign into your account, click OVERVIEW, scroll down to the “Clips Packs,” and then click the option for automatically re-upping. 

That’s it for today. 

Happy Friday & stay healthy!