New Feature Friday: Better Gifs, SiriusXM, NewsLists


Media Colleagues —

We have a few new updates to announce: 

  1. Grabien’s gif creator has new options that make exporting gifs for social media much simpler (Twitter, for example, imposes a file size limit that made Grabien’s high-res gifs impossible to use). You’ll now see several options for your gif’s resolution: Best, Medium, Low, or Custom. 
  2. Clients can now order SiriusXM clips (advance notice required)
  3. Grabien’s NewsLists site — where anyone can catalog and organize news stories into various lists — now enables users to syndicate these lists onto websites. For example, you can start a list of every article referencing a topic of interest, and then embed that list within an article on a news site you manage; the embedded list updates whenever the original list is updated. Better still: These lists include ad units, and you’ll receive revenue from the traffic generated on that list.

    Here’s how: A) Sign into your Grabien account. B) Visit C) Locate a NewsList you’re interested in, or create one of your own. D) When signed in on the main Grabien site, you’ll see a “LISTS” drop-down menu; from there you can obtain embed codes for any of these NewsLists. On this same page you’ll also be able to track traffic and earnings.  

That’s all for now.

Happy Friday,