Montage: Chris Matthews Has Thought of an Analogy He Would Like to Share

‘I’ve said the Romanovs, because there’s something about the president who presumes this is a royal family taking its seat in the position of power’

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Chris Matthews is very proud of analogy he thought up while watching Trump’s inauguration day ceremony.

So proud, in fact, he now uses it virtually every show.

Observing how Donald Trump likes to keep his family close — and even turns to them for advice — Matthews says the Trumps remind him of “the Romanovs.”

The Romanov family, of course, is the Russian royal family that ruled for centuries before being overthrown (and later, viciously executed) during the Bolshevik revolution.

Matthews almost reflexively invokes the Romanovs whenever Ivanka or Jared Kushner come up in a conversation. According to Matthews, it’s “un-American” how Trump has turned members of his family into advisers.

“It’s unusual in our republican form of government, to have family set policy,” Matthews said. “I don’t think it’s been done before.” 

Of course, Trump is hardly the first American president to make members of his family part of his inner circle. 

Jimmy Carter (infamously) turned to his 13-year-old daughter for advice of nuclear policy. John F. Kennedy named his brother, Robert, attorney general. Bill Clinton put his wife in charge of overhauling the health-care system. Barack Obama tasked Michelle with overhauling America’s school lunch program as well as the USDA’s food pyramid and nutritional labels. 

And why of all royal families … the Romanovs? Why don’t the Trumps remind him of the Hapsburgs? Or the Bourbons? Or the Bonapartes? Or the Tudors?  

Our guess? The constant Russian references might help advance a certain narrative.

Check it out and let us know what you think. 

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